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Heathrow should just go ahead and force the Governmentís hand by submitting a full application for the third runway and associated works to the Planning Inspectorate. That should be dealt with fairly and independently with a recommendation being submitted to the Secretary of State. Remaining issues of land etc neednít be sorted because you can submit an application on land you do not own.

Now, the SoS can go against the recommendation and there is no right to appeal. But if a refusal is unreasonable, ie because May, Johnson and a few other Tories *might* lose their seat, costs can be reclaimed. An awarding of costs along with the Inspectorateís recommendation to approve would make an ongoing blockage of expansion untenable.
No one will lose their seat on the issue of airport expansion, except Zac of course, because it is not a party political issue or one that would alter peoples' voting habits. This is the reason that the anti-Heathrow groups never stand candidates at elections (local or national).

Zac is the exception because he created an unneccessary byelection specifically on the issue of airport expansion and nothing else - and lost.
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