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System at the centres

The 'centres' had a fairly 'fixed' system based on the one week course, plus instructor continuity. In the case of SM they also had a near perfect location and lots of 'space' for c-breaks.
As I remember the cadets had 4-6 launches at a stretch and two slots a day, therefore it was the perfect 'learning' environment to bash the circuit.
At a w-end school the weather and 'attendance' plus instructor availability rather extended the situation and many launches were used to 'recover' what had been taught before.
Continuity is the real winner which is why the Easter and summer courses were so productive in solo numbers.
Looking back; Halesland could be quite challenging for a low time Cadet, and it says something about the quality of the whole organisation that this site was used, and provided genuine 'advanced' training so well.
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