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Since this forum really helped me, this was my experience. I got the positive reply today, 2 days after doing the interview.

We were only 4 persons for the interview. The assessor was very friendly and really tried to help us out. First they gave us a briefing about the sim and some points about the EFIS, throttle settings, speeds, configuration, etc. This is the time to ask anything you are not sure about.

The examiner then gave us the SID and APP plates for Liverpool. WAL 2T and ILS 27. He gave us our departure clearance, WAL 2T, non-standard altitude, 5000ft and briefed the SID and told us he only wanted to hear the essential parts of the briefing and that he wanted us to verify all coms/nav and other settings as we briefed the SID. And that he didnt want us to be doing the takeoff briefing in the sim so to brief that before hand with our partner. He also said that calling out the checklists was not necessary and that he would do them anyway but that if we were in the habit of calling them out, then to call them out anyway.

I was first for the technical/HR interview. First the examiner looked at my log book and asked me a few questions about my hours. Then we spoke quite a bit about the places I lived before and the current situations (very chill chat). Then he asked me which airplane I flew the most (c172).


What engine did the 172 have? IO-360

What does the I stand for? Injected. What does the O stand for? Opposed.

So does it have a carburetor?

If it was 18 degrees and we went flying, could we get carb ice? Why?

Its 4 degrees in Dublin and we go flying, at what altitude would we encounter the freezing level?

What do you know about Ryanair's 737?

Whats the difference between a piston engine and a gas engine?


What have you been doing after your training?

Why did you choose your school?

Were you happy with the instructors?

Why did you decide to do your JOC in an A320?

Do you know anyone in Ryanair?

Would you be willing to move to Europe? (I dont live in Europe at the moment)

How long do you plan to stay in Europe? (Probably to see if my intentions were to build quick hours and go somewhere else)

What are some of your strengths?

What are some of your weaknesses?

Give me 3 reasons you want to work for Ryanair

I might be forgetting some. It sounds like a lot but it actually just felt like a chat and went by very quickly and was a rather pleasant conversation.

Sim assessment:

My partner and I went first. I started as PM on the right seat. We briefed and set up at the same time like we were asked to do. Then we asked for the before take off checklist and the examiner read it out loud. Got the departure clearance and took off RWY 27.

It was fly heading 268 and intercept the WAL 118 radial. Turn starts at 1.5nm so be alert for that (good to mention this on the departure briefing). Then fly some headings, headings then intercept radials. We had a sick passenger. Doctor on board said it was only getting worse. We did DODAR then NITS. Decided to return. We called atc and got vectors for the ILS 27. The PF handed me controls and briefed and set up for the approach. Then I handed controls back to him. The examiner asked us where we thought we were. I read the QRM and DME distance and said that was enough. We did the ILS, broke out of the clouds at around 800ft. The landing was a unstable so I called a go-around. We did the go-around without any problem and we were set up again for an approach and this time we did a successful landing.

Then my turn as PF, I remained in the right seat. Same exact thing except there was a security threat at DUB and the airport was closed. Again, DODAR + NITS and decided to return to land. Again vectors for the ILS.

Most important thing. SPEAK a lot. Say all your intentions to your partner. Ask him to help you with everything and you should help him with anything he might miss or even just remind him of the altitudes or headings by saying approaching xxxxft, approaching xxx HDG. Everything will come rather fast if you are not used to it and we are all concentrated in flying the plane and not missing anything that we are bound to miss something so help your partner out because you will be assessed in that too. Don't make any decision without first consulting your PM.

Don't worry if you make a mistake, I made a few mistakes as well but if you detect them, do correct them. One of my mistakes was that for the departure, in the MCP I selected radial 118 instead of our course which was 298. The PM didn't realize either. The examiner was helpful and asked what our outbound course was going to be and what did we think should be selected for our course. So we quickly realized that and changed it. Dont stress about it and just say, you are correct, I missed that, thank you for the help and get on with the flight. I still got accepted so one or two mistakes does not set the outcome.

The other guys doing the interview seemed to have gotten a few more difficult questions while another only got 2 technical questions and a lot of HR questions with the HR guy trying to make him nervous. Don't worry about that and continue talking normally with a smile. It's just to see how you react to the situation.

I used PPRuNe and ACE to prepare as well as google and my old ATPL books. Just have some general knowledge and it should be enough. Try not to lead them to any question that you are not sure of. For example, if you are not sure about Dutch Roll and you are asked what the Yaw Damper is for, it might be good to mention to prevent yaw and roll oscillations and not say to prevent dutch roll because you can bet that the next question will be, what is dutch roll?

Anyways, that was my experience and as you can see it varies somewhat from candidate to candidate but nothing that hasn't already been mentioned here. Dress smart, have a good positive attitude, good manners and keep on a smile. Good luck.
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