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Ah cheers redsnail, yeah I think Vettel is right.

Heat of the moment and cameras in their face when they're coming down off an adrenaline high. Until a couple of years ago we never saw in there, it's a couple of minutes for them to wind down after the race before going straight into the podium then the interviews and media pen. Personally think they shouldn't have to put up with cameras in their face there.

Having said that, and I'm by no means a prude when it comes to swearing, but I don't agree with all the swearing that some of the younger drivers seem to do all the time. They're doing it in English too, which means in the heat of the moment they're having to think about what they're saying before it comes out. If they were swearing in their native language that's one thing, but to consciously translate for effect is not good. I guess it is just another example of bad examples to younger kids watching all the sports.

It's particularly bad in football, because they allowed it to go unpunished. It virtually never happens in rugby, because they just wouldn't stand for that sort of lack of respect. Maybe the FIA needs to fine drivers every time they swear over the radio or in an interview to make a point and stamp it out.

But also don't put a camera in their face just after they get out the car and emotions are still running high.
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