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Originally Posted by Vatican View Post

So I was given an 'advanced offer' back in December,
I have not heard of an "advanced offer". According to the RAAF website, if you were not given an actual offer prior to Jan 1st 2018 you will need to attend the ASP. Were you a pilot candidate or something else? Perhaps someone else reading this thread could jump in on this one?

At this point there are only intakes for July/August 2018. I did however hear rumours of a possible 5th course intake starting this May but don't quote me on it.

Originally Posted by Vatican View Post
Another thing no one seems to be able to tell me is what happens to my stuff (i.e. furniture, belongings, car) when I leave?
Sorry, but I had to laugh at this. While it's the least of your concerns at this point, have a read through this:

Squeezing out of a lease early is solely dependant on the landlord: basically whether they are a prick or not.

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