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Originally Posted by tayra View Post
Each ASP course had 10 candidates on it. The testing room can seat up to 12. Numbers are probably limited by accommodation, chaperone staff availability etc.

As of the end of March around 120-130 candidates had been screened. Seems about 1 in 20 are getting a competitive score for pilot. That rate may go up as BFTS (soon to be 1FTS again) can accommodate more students and thus the competitive score goes down to increase supply.

A competitive score for ADFA pilot may well be lower because you won't be entering the training pipeline for several years.

I think you are right in that any candidates who pass all the requirements up to and including their assessment day will most likely get an ASP slot. It may well still be merit based but the time you'll wait will be much shorter than the wait for flight screening was.

I have not heard of anyone being paneled for an OSB yet, pilot or aco/atc.
Ah ok, that makes sense, considering I won't be applying for direct entry, I hope there is a lower score lol, seems sort of unfair for the DE people but supply and demand, ah well, no point complaining. Also could you gauge how many people from your ASP (and past ones) applied for direct entry vs ADFA? Will that even matter? I should probably just worry about myself instead of trying to count my chances haha. Does anyone know how many ADFA pilot OSB's they hold per year? Guessing it'll change drastically since ASP has just rolled out.
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