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The Pope on a visit to the UK had a rough week of meeting Politicians so he decided to go the seaside in Margate. When he arrived in his Pope mobile, he saw a man struggling for his life against a shark. Upon a closer look he noticed that it was Jeremy Corbyn.
Horrified, he started to call for help when a speedboat pulled up alongside Mr. Corbyn, with Theresa May and Boris Johnson on board. Theresa May leant over and pulled him out. Then Theresa May and Boris Johnson beat the shark to death with baseball bats. They noticed the Pope and landed the boat on the beach.
The Pope said to them, "I know there have been a lot of disagreements between your parties, but I can see that you respect and help each other in their hour of need. You have my blessings." The Pope then drove off.
Theresa asked, "Who was that?" Boris said "That was the Pope Prime Minister, he is all knowing, in touch with God and Leader of the Catholic Church".
Theresa May said, "Well that's all very well but clearly he knows nothing about shark fishing. How’s the bait holding up?"

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