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TBH I agree in theory but posters with "questions" require to be answered do they not?..

As every visiting post with "questions" has rightly used the premise referring to STN as being a major hub & it occuring on one of the busiest weekends of the year, with the massive disruption caused not only on site but major headaches in the LATCC,with major disruption on the train routes in & out of London too I would resignedly expect to see reasonable counters to those "questions" & to those disguised & not so disguised attempts at uninformed point making when it comes to public safety.

Just to say whatever the outcome of any so called "inquiry"as referred to but more likely debrief & if eventually any of it being made public I for one at least am happy that it was called as it was at the time...not withstanding obviously the travel chaos to the many many thousands.

End of from me...thanks.
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