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Inferring no such Suseman has stated & I have inferred previously it is & would have been influenced by circumstances dear boy circumstances....

So generally in a mass evacuation you would be happy to have many thousands of people of all ages & ability negotiating 8 flights of stairs with a potential of panic if more situation evolved & god forbid smoke into the well if there existed a closer/more expeditious & safer route.

They are as you describe emergency exits & not fire exits per se.

Would YOU care to choose & segregate those who could make their way to safety & who you would be prohibit from those 8 flights of stairs & safety in the event?.

"Armchair" referencing is perfectly valid/allowed & not derogatory as you care to chose to wear is just highlights the fact that WE weren't there but the professionals who are responsible were.

I`m not sure it is people defending their patch as you state, you are being perhaps being made aware that these decisions would have not taken lightly & without knowledge of the ramifications involved in them.

None of us are privy to the calculations of threat that had to be quickly considered & calculated concerning landside.

There may be of course another compelling reason at some stage in the events why everyone was "contained" somewhere within the terminal.(It may appear you require to think about that one)...but we will never be privy.

As with airborne I would prefer safety first & ask the relevant questions on the ground unfortunately not all had that benefit.

No idea of the level of fire standby but be assured the above aviator WOULD NOT have been denied access to STN in extremis.
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