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AAAaaahhhhh!! The joys of the Approved Aeronautical Data Originator.

I draw your attention to a certain amount of publicity on the subject a few months ago.

Due to the lack of response to the CASA "safety" rules, and the Airservices "compliance" imperative, Airservices announced that, starting some time in January 2018, all aeronautical data that did not comply with the "roools" would be wiped from the AIP.

In the AIC announcing this, Airservices declared that that it has taken all reasonable steps (or words something like that) but where this had failed, the "aeronautical data" would be expunged.

This AIC was some 80 pages (Yes! eighty pages) of names, and the lats. and longs. all to go.

One of the organisation that Airservices could not locate, to obtain data, was the Royal Australian Navy. Given that you can see Russell Hill from the Adam Woods building, I was just a little (no, not really at all) surprised.

This list of data to be expunged included virtually every Emergency Medical Service Heliport at every major and minor hospital in Australia. Which meant that any GNSS procedures associated went, as well.

As I said at the time, if this is the answer, for Emergency Medical Services, what the hell was the question.

Fortunately, a political baseball bat (ie: lots of very public publicity) applied smartly to Airservices head resulted in a "reconsideration". The urgent air safety issue AIC was with drawn.

Given the extraordinarily complex set of rules and offences CASA has created around the issue of Approved Aeronautical Data and Approved Aeronautical Data Originators, with suitably swinging penalties for all involved, I decided to have a look at the "standards" for actually deriving the data.

It is crude, to say the least, just about ANY GPS that has a lat and long display will do.

Typically, CASA and Airservices have created a complex administrative/bureaucratic process, with a raft of new "crimes", but with no safety outcome significance, to handle data of possibly quite significant importance, without any serious attention to the integrity/accuracy of the data.

In short, the "safety outcome" doesn't matter as long as you comply with the process.

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