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Originally Posted by armchairpilot94116 View Post
A large sum will go a long ways towards PREVENTION of a similar incident. Because MONEY talks.

I am glad UA diverted a recent flight to a dog's destination. They did this to avert more bad publicity.

I hope they gave everyone onboard a free flight for their inconvenience.

Something that is troubling is that there seems no chain of command on an UA aircraft. Should an FA not refer to a Chief Purser or Senior Purser (CX speak) about this and not just make a decision on her/his own?

We are not out to demonize UA. Just to demonize airlines who make mistakes in the hope that mistakes can be minimized.

I don't think it should be millions for the dead dog but UA's offer of a refund of tickets and the $125 dollar fee for the dog's carriage as well as (get this ! ) a necropsy is clearly inadequate in my simple mind.
I think you are out to demonize UA. A free flight for a divert that would add what, about an hour to the flight time, if that? You'll not get a free flight for an hour delay on UA under normal circumstances, even if it was their fault.

The compensation is completely acceptable in my non sensationalist mind.

For the record I completely disagree that a VERY LARGE SUM will prevent this happening again. VERY LARGE SUMS are paid out by airlines every year for EU compensation money. Even on an individual basis people claim hundreds for tickets that cost barely half the amount. That doesn't deter cancellations, delays or oversales one bit.
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