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Originally Posted by BEagle View Post
Although many bracycephalic breeds such as Frenchies have been over bred irresponsibly by greedy backyard breeders due to their popularity amongst celebrities, it should not be assumed that breathing issues affect animals bought from a reputable breeder.
The medical issues affect the breed as a whole, not just some specimens. The rate of cesarean births for this breed is over 80%, and many of them can't mate naturally either - they would rapidly die out without constant human intervention.

Vets make good money out of owners of breeds like this, but even they are campaigning against them now. It is a matter of debate whether "a reputable breeder" of such breeds can even exist.

There is no evidence to suggest that Kokito suffered from significant breathing issues; videos show him to have been a healthy, happy and playful little chap rather than a dog who suffered from such problems.
Not sure I know any vet who would diagnose (or confirm lack of) breathing, heart, or other brachycephalic problems from a video - would be interesting, and very useful, if such a service exists...

He was not 'a toy from one of those mis-bred breeds',
He was definitely from "one of those mis-bred breeds".

as Dairyground suggests, he was a much-loved member of the family. He is more likely to have died from deprivation anxiety and stress than from lack of oxygen.
Actually I'd put some money on heat stroke. The breed (and brachycephalic dogs in general) are known to have problems controlling body temperature. Pretty sure there is no aircon in the overhead lockers, confined in such a small space pretty much any mammal will start to overheat, most will then sweat but not dogs, dogs will open their mouths wide and stick their long tongues out to cool down. Unless they've been bred so that they can't, in which case they will just die.
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