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Originally Posted by armchairpilot94116 View Post
This is an appalling incident. Absolutely incredulously appalling . United has no leg to stand on and has apologized. There is however nothing that can be done to bring this animal back to life and no remedy to alleviate the tragedy in the eyes of a young girl who will forever remember this tragic occurence.

United should pay a VERY LARGE SUM to the family for their grief and take steps to ensure this does not happen again EVER.

NO dragging passengers off planes who are ticketed and let on board, no putting in pets in overhead bins PERIOD.

The Cabin crew responsible should not only be fired but also should be charged to the full extent of the law allowed for animal cruelty .

Plus she or he is not a very bright or compassionate human being.

Never had a pet of her/his own perhaps.
Just out of interest, what good would a VERY LARGE SUM do?

The dog is dead, no amount of money will bring it back. What amount of money would make the people feel better? Millions? Surely that is over the top for a dead dog, even if the carrier was at fault.

While we are placing blame, should the FA be held fully responsible? If the dog breed was not meant to fly then the family themselves share some of that blame, as does the check in agent who accepted the dog, as does the gate agent who boarded the passengers too. To pin all this on one person, although typical of today's ridiculous name, blame and shame (and eventually claim) culture, is wrong.

But in the USA money seems to make it all go away.
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