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Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 View Post
racedo, your response is identical to how a Russian troll uses "whataboutism" and misdirection as a diversion tactic. Are you aware of that? The topic of this thread isn't your usual target of frustration or hatred, it is RT, a news organization.

Horsecrap. You can ask Nixon about pliable media, or Trump with the never ending attention paid to him (a great deal of it not complimentary) as he tries to do battle with this "pliable media" via his account.
Obama got a pliable media who refused to ask any hard questions and gave him pretty much a pass on anything he did.

They followed it up with shilling for HRC who got no tough questions asked of her and a pass on anything difficult.

Her Presidency would have followed suit and full scale war in Ukraine and Syria were a minimum to be expected.

I have mentioned US Presidential election 2016 where US Press shilled for HRC and have spent the time since doing everything they can to claim it wasn't the voters who made the decision.

If President Trump dies in office the Liberal media will celebrate.

Media is used to push people into a single viewpoint in support of something........... Iraq 2003 is a clear case in point where anybody who said Saddam was not a threat was a liar.
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