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To compare RT with the likes of the BBC, The Guardian, or the stateside NYT is playing into the hands of Putin and "fake news" and "Faux News" rabble rousers like him. There have been scads of examples of Fox News or RT broadcasting bold faced lies and half-truths. Not so with the other guys.

Mainstream media outlets, while often liberal minded in coverage, rarely, if ever, stoop to such overt tactics, and when they do stray into the RT/Faux News territory and it is caught (internally or externally) a correction is forthcoming - not always so with the former group. The relatively limited examples of inaccurate coverage in mainstream media comes from an overzealous editor making a bad decision based upon misinformed "unnamed" sources, or sources with an agenda that the news outlet failed to properly vet.

With the RT and their ilk, the cancer is at the top and trickles down, all with no apologies and no retractions as long as what they spew remains in lock step with their skewed beliefs of the world around them, and perceptions of legitimacy remains palatable to their intended audience.

Fact checking at news organizations like RT is practically nonexistent in today's post-fact check atmosphere. As long as the story fits their narrative and agenda, facts are optional and annoying, and their readership and audience, unfortunately, do not seem to care.

reasonable views of Putin's Russia
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