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Blade creep,

Almost everyone gave the right advise. Based on my experience, I would say, stay away from this region. Get to left seat, log 1000 hrs + and look for better opportunities within US, Say Fedex/DHL/UPS/Delta/United etc. What matters is a career in the long run with lot of opportunities which you are not restricted to.

If you can’t get into any of these airlines, then you can think of Emirates or Qatar. The money is good there with a chance to upgrade, schooling and medical paid for, great route network and shining new wide body jets etc. But you’ll have to give yourself at least 10 years in this region. Are you willing to do that leaving your extended family and friends back in US? It’s the decision you should sit and make along with your partner.

I’m sure the working conditions are really hard in Regionals with no time for yourself or family. You’ll feel relieved on this part when you join as a wide body FO in M.E. But there are some downsides like strict company policies, punitive culture, no union, degradation of t&cs etc.
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