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Originally Posted by anchorhold View Post
Yet another AAIB report which does not really consider the HF elements as follows:

(a) Why did the pilot plan a flight when Shawbury was RADZ 003 and Valley cloud base at 600 ft, was the pilot's thinking that the Rhiongs would be better?
(b) Would a 180 degree turn helped, simply do not enter IMC.
(c) Did the pilot brief the PAX that in the event the weather was bad, they would land at Welshpool, or Liverpool and via taxi and scheduled flight continue to Dublin.
(d) Jut another CFIT of not lossing face in not getting to the destination.

I am sorry if this is not respectfull to the deseased, but perhaps we can learn from this,
Brief the pax? They were his family!
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