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In my view there is a bit of a grey area here. Should I only log the landings where I'm the sole manipulator of the controls? Should I also log the landing if the student did most of it but I grabbed the controls at the last moment to avoid a tailstrike during the bounce? Can I log the landing if I was directly coaching the student through the entire process?

The way I did it when I was instructing for a larger school (SEP/VFR only), I kept track of the total number of landings during a lesson. I then logged this in my logbook, the aircraft journal and had the student log the same number. During one day I would sometimes fly up to five different lessons with between 3 and 11 landings per lesson. Keeping track of who flew during which landing, although possible, became difficult and for logging purposes I just ignored this.

It certainly never led to a situation where I was unable to carry passengers, as there were plenty of demonstrations and other situations where I flew most if not all of the landing. Was I cheating? Perhaps a bit, but passenger carrying is the only thing that this has any influence on. In my logbook, I had plenty of landings to show that I could carry passengers. For myself, I always made sure to be 'in practice' before I carried passengers.

In my view the responsibility still lies with you to make sure that you are capable of carrying out a flight with passengers to the highest possible level of safety. The 3 landings in 90 days bit is just a bit of a legal backstop to prevent pilots with oversize egos to redefine the 'capable' bit in the previous sentence.
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