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desert witch
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Thanks to the PDF creators!! Hope some stuff catches on.

Not to disillusion you though...
But this Forum is for THEM to get the pilots numbers back on track with the MINIMUM salary rise. They must raise some this time anyway.
When the world goes into the next slump, most perks will be dumped again.

Some of the stuff in the PDF is spot on, some other is neverland's stuff (this is only Dubailand...).

Whoever goes, please push for the realistic stuff, things that do not cost them much and may actually stick if gradually implemented.
Like the 50% roster option for senior guys.
Or a guy to stream feedback on an FCI or other technical without an ASR or CSR. After all, who of us wrote back saying: Your new G/S from above is to rofl, specially in these destinations...

Good luck to those going. Don't get carried away... 😅
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