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@David Billings: Would I [tell anyone where to look]? Perhaps, for the greater good, I might. But then, I can be dispassionate about this whereas you've spent a good deal of your life on the project - which is why felt I could understand something of your feelings on the matter...

Anyway I rarely venture into philosophy on here (or at least I try not to!), it doesn't necessarily contribute as I'd wish, something I need reminding of from time to time, thanks. Apropos of this I will continue the mag work I'm able to do and if something useful comes of it I'll let you know. Otherwise thanks for the headsup on the location, I guess in some rather odd way that helps one to feel a little closer to what you're doing.

@Sunfish: I wouldn't presume to speak for David but I've never had the feeling he was in it for money - my questions and comments were genuinely about how best one might achieve the goal of locating whatever aircraft is out there?
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