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The dumbing down continues

Before I kick it off, some fodder for those that want to attack me.

Yes, I have English, Maths, Physics and a Uni degree.

Yes, I was on the holdfile at QF for 2 ½ years before being told “don’t call here anymore”.

Yes, I was really bitter about it, but I got over it and am happy enough with my job, but more important I am super happy with my life outside of work.

Yes I work for the group,

No, I won’t be applying.

So here goes.

QF have been caught with their pants down, no recruitment for years, long wait times for upgrades, the shutdown, fear of redundancy, LWOP (so pilots could go and see how the rest of the world live), and now they have to drop the very requirements that allowed them to pick and choose the applicants.

HOORAY everyone say out there in Regional and GA Land.

Get your CV’s updated I say, tout suite, ditch the English, Maths or Physics courses, finish off your ATPL’s, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you want to fly for the big boys, make sure you are ready to do it in the next couple of years.

But let’s look at this from another angle.

QF are going through a “game changing time”.

Shiny new aircraft, new routes, new uniforms, but what else, new contract terms for the 787, new minimum education standards for applicants, a new deal with Jetconnect, a new cadet program at the new flying school, a new A320 operation in the West.

So, they need to start ramping up, they are training flat out onto the 787 (IMHO the real reason they didn’t take 787 no. 9), backfilling onto the other fleets, they can’t release 737 pilot to go to other fleets, they’ve even ramped up training on the 747 for new hires and upgrades to F/O and Capt, all this on a fleet that is supposed to be dying?

With all this going on they struggle to attract applicants because the prospect of sitting in the back seat for 3 to 10 years is not everyone’s Cup of Latte.

There are pilots in J*, Virgin, REX and all the “Links” with a “letter of intent” from QF recruiting who, if they haven’t already, are probably on the verge of a command and the QF 787 S/O training wage just doesn’t stack up.

They could get lucky, as a lot have, and get a 330, 380 or 747 S/O slot, but who can take the chance? And how long before you can get back to a window seat?

So what do they do to crew these new aeroplanes? Well, QF have looked around and wondered, why don’t these Regonal/GA types apply here? We are the best airline in the world, hell, we are “changing the game”

Oh, they don’t have year 12 Maths, English or Physics, they couldn’t possibly be good enough for QF.

So, let’s look to the subsidiary’s to fill the spots. WHAAAAT, these pilots don’t have English/Maths/Physics, how do they possibly fly Jet/turboprop aeroplanes?

So, let’s send out an internal memo spouting how progressive we are that we now recognise all the hard work you pilots have put in to get where you are and yes, the study you’ve done is now “equivalent” to those other subjects and we’d love to have you working for us, because we are in the shit big time.

So, if they get a whole load of internal applicants, then open it up to Joe GA, they’ll probably get the 200 -300 pilots they need to fill in the 3-4 years before the Sausage Center of Excellence starts pumping out compliant, cheap, indebted pilots to fill the back seats in the future world domination plans.

But what does this really mean for the future?

Firstly, QF must have pilots, to the detriment of all other subsidiaries. So who is going to fly the Dash 8’s, 717’s, F100’s? Hell even Network are struggling to crew the shiny QF painted A320’s.

Secondly, I’m really happy we can now have all our study recognised as.....what? A diploma?

How much does your standard school leaver with a diploma earn? Certainly not what we think we are worth flying shiny Jets around the sky.

So, to answer the questions:
Firstly, 457 visas 2 years only, (the companys are pushing for 4). Bring in a compliant workforce on the promise of a great lifestyle job in sunny Australia. It’s pretty hard to fight back if you are under threat of having your visa revoked. (Whether they can actually do it or not)

And B: if you pilots are just basic school leavers, with a “diploma” then why should we be paying you all this money to sit in the back and do nothing, I mean, we helped you out, trained you at our (your) expense, and now you want to turn around and get paid like a Uni Graduate, hell, you don’t even have English, Maths or Physics

B scale anyone?

Now, I know I’m cynical, I never used to be, but I think this “Industry” did it too me. If you don’t think it can happen here, have a look at what’s been going on in Cathay and the big US airlines, Norwegian, Ryan Air etc.

The constant moving of the deck chairs, Jetconnect, Q’Link, Jetstar, National Jet, J* NZ, Network, the MOU, it’s all part of a much bigger Industrial picture.

Unfortunately, we fall into the same trap every time, we only look at the hand with the shiny Jet in it, we never look to see what they have in the other hand which is behind their back

So, if you are eligible, apply the shit out of it, apply to everyone, if you miss out on QF, you might get a gig at J*, VA, or the others. There is a “pilot shortage”, they just don’t want to admit it.

But, when you get a job, join a Union, campaign hard, be Industrially savvy, don’t trust them when they show you the shiny Jet, but most importantly of all, STICK TOGETHER. It’s our only chance against these bastards
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