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EASA FCL.050 is not very clear on that.
FCL.050 is perfectly clear
FCL.050 Recording of flight time The pilot shall keep a reliable record of the details of all flights flown in a form and manner established by the competent authority.
In the UK this is Article 228 of the ANO, which has no requirement to log any take-offs or landings at all!

FCL060 specifies the recency requirement:
A pilot shall not operate an aircraft in commercial air transport or carrying passengers:
(1) as PIC or co-pilot unless he/she has carried out, in the preceding 90 days, at least 3 takeoffs,approaches and landings in an aircraft of the same type or class or an FFS representing that type or class.
So if he/she, the pilot has not flown them themself, they are not current.
Majority of FI, they only fly during instruction and rarely fly themselves so are not landing the aircraft.
You mean they go for 90 days as an Instructor and never demonstrate anything, sounds like poor instruction to me.
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