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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
would the magnetos provide some signal? Also the crank on a radial is going to be wrather short compared to an inline engine.. Is the magnetometer signal a function of geometry as well as mass?

If 20m range on a wasp crankshaft could be reliably demonstrated would it be technically possible ( not necessarily financially) to grid the area into 20 x 20 squares and "dip' the magnetometer as in dipping sonar from a helo?
Yes, the engine including magnetos is from my understanding the main source of the ferrous material that a magnotomter will react to in an aircraft wreck. Maybe geometry is a factor but its mass, the size of the magnetic body, that is the limiting factor with this method (so far) when looking for a small aricraft wreckage.

There are a number of aircraft wrecks in and around the Barringtons in various conditions that could be used as test sites. Feel free to go looking! The more the better and hopefully one day someone can identfy a technology that can be shown to work and be used to find these types of wrecks.
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