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Originally Posted by Hokulea View Post
Oddly enough, not too different to Einstein's! Astronomy/astrophysics.
Very nice, sir! The science of peering, both literally and mathematically into the universe fascinates me.

Just curious, no implied criticism, but against what measure would Worst be measured?

This side of the pond we see what the media presents, we do not live and breathe US politics. Now from my perspective JC was no great shakes but I met a USAF officer who disagreed. Then GWB is often portrayed as a buffoon, was he?
Jimmy was a mediocre, really ineffectual president, but clearly an honorable man. Dubya was a smart and effective governor of Texas, and it wasn't until he moved into the White House that he seemed to lose a few marbles. He had an opportunity to unite the world behind the US post 9-11, but instead we got Mess O'Potamia, based on a lie. Nobody went to jail for that.

It should be noted that his father is an honorable man and actually endorsed Clinton once Trump won the GOP nomination. It's fairly relative too - put Dubya beside Trump, and GWB starts looking pretty good.

Are views of sitting or recent Presidents colored by one's political stance?
Political and presidential historians go to great pains to avoid this. The wide angle lens of history broadens their view. For example, during Lincoln's turn at the wheel, many limited with the myopathy of the present, thought he was trouble for the Union, but time and circumstance have proven him to have been on the right side of history, just like Johnson on Civil Rights. In many eyes, however, LBJ fails us once we start talking about Vietnam.

An objective review of the facts show nearly all presidents made both good and bad choices, but partisans fail to acknowledge the bad choices of their 'guy' as well as any good achieved by 'the other side'.
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