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From that link we find the EB-1 is no big deal

The government guidance for applicants cites Nobel prizes and international acclaim, but the reality is often more prosaic, said Susan McFadden, a specialist US visa lawyer at the Gudeon and McFadden law firm in London.
"You do not have to be a Nobel prize winner to get the extraordinary ability visa. I've gotten EB-1 visas for people you've never heard of and never will," she said.
"An experienced lawyer knows what the US citizenship and immigration services is looking for, and how to bring out of the client's background things that will be attractive to the agency."
Securing an EB-1 is often about defining a field, Ms McFadden said, in the hope of proving the client is outstanding in that field. Trying to prove your client is an outstanding businessman puts them up against Richard Branson. Proving they are outstanding within alternative asset commercial finance management? Not so tough.
Ms McFadden said she had secured EB-1s for a range of diverse specialties, from coaching a specific football position to scientific ballooning. "The trick was to define a field narrow enough to excel in, she said, but not too narrow that immigration authorities won't take it seriously."
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