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Originally Posted by StickWithTheTruth View Post
If you'd spent the time you spent posting publicly about the issue and emailed them instead, your issue would have been sorted by now.

Some people are never happy.

I once stood in line on a cruise ship listening to people in front of me complaining to customer service. Some of the complaints were ridiculous. The guy in front wanted them to refund the difference between the cost of his balcony room and a normal room because he was standing in line at customer service waiting for service when the ship left port, therefore he didn't get to experience his balcony to its full potential as he missed the view of the ship leaving. He could have easily gone back at a more suitable time.
????? WTFs that dribble?

Ixixly Too right SWTT!

Acrosport, I actually just checked myself and it doesn't appear that difficult at all, there's a button to "Renew Now" then not far below that they have their other products, just select the one you want, for example "Private / VFR" and then "Add Products", it'll take you to the next screen which shows the amount, confirms the subscription date and lets you pay for it. Not too difficult really.

Plus as SWTT said, the time it took you to log in here, post a couple of posts, you could have just emailed them and got the answer directly and I'd dare say very quickly too!
You cannot select the options below. It wont let you.
Probably because its a lower subscription. It will only let you renew at the premium.

Hence my post.
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