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Originally Posted by Fareastdriver View Post
The Puma, and its successors, has always been a military helicopter. Narrow, so it can fit on to a railway truck, low, so that with the gearbox removed it is tactically air portable with a cabin designed for squaddies to sit in for fifteen minutes before they go to war.

Not a lot has changed over the years.

The cabin is still cramped, the passengers have to surmount a step to get in and it must be the last commercial aircraft in the world where the crew have to climb up the outside of the aircraft to get into the cockpit.

Its day has gone; like me, I flew them for thirty six years and they have had enough of the civilian world.

Militarily is different. The specifications haven't changed a lot and they are abreast with the electronics and systems so there is still a future.

Its like the Comet and the Nimrod.
What he said. Except I didn't fly them anywhere near as long as Fareastdriver, thankfully.

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