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The bloke who went in to bat for the Captain of OJH in Bangkok in a big way was the then head of Safety and the Environment. Without his intervention I am absolutely certain said OJH Captain would have been very lonely.
I speak from being there, at the time.
As it was, it was an unnecessarily long time before those involved were returned to service.
After the rebuild, OJH was the best performing airframe in the fleet, and no, before anybody says it, OJH was nowhere near a economic write-off.
Tootle pip!!

PS: For most airlines, the default position is" Keep the shiny side up and don't scratch it - no excuses".
A "no blame culture" will always be very difficult to find, after an accident. Just ask the Captain of the QF A380 at Singapore immediately after --- and he had to repeat his route check, because CASA decided he "had assistance".
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