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[QUOTE=Doppio;10065671]To clarify some points that were raised;

“ All new joiners are made to wear two stripes for four years as a junior FO regardless of prior experience.”

I actually agree with that, what’s the point in giving every FO at the likes of Ryanair 3 stripes when they get 1500 hours? Pointless and defeats the object!

“ A380 FO’s aren’t even trusted to land the aircraft for the first several months. “

There was very good reason for this, 12 aircraft, 20DEP’s?! There would have been a lot of people going out of recency if these were all trained at the same time!

“ 3 to 4 trips on LH per month? More like 5 or 6; the only change when you have a week’s leave is that the same number of trips are scheduled closer together.”

Iv never done more that 4 trips, and when I have iv bid for it to build bank or picked up an overtime trip!
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