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Reading People are leaving can only be a good thing for those of us here to stay. BA is my 3rd airline having done charter & ME before, there are many things BA get wrong but also many positives too. BA certainly isnít the Ďbe all & end allí but it works for me. We are an easy target for the haters.... it is what it is. I certainly donít go for prestige.... rather the job security & 100k gross for doing 3-4 trips a month with min hassle. Those who search my prev post will see I turned down a SH command 3 years ago when we had the one opportunity to do so, that was after 6 years in the company.... I believe in 2016 if you had the hours you could of had a LHR or LGW 320 command regardless of time in the company... now weíre short AGAIN... I can see SH commands crashing down again by the end of the year. If anyone in or out of BA says it X or Y to commands etc theyíre lying as who knows? It changes daily & even BA donít know... just got to bid for what you want!

If it works for you itís a great place to be... but itís an airline & like my 2 previous itís not perfect & could be so much better for min effort.... but tell me where is..... Come in, have a laugh, go home...

People leaving is one thing..... Now if we could only get people to STOP APPLYING, then weíd be in a far stronger position!
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