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The following really is just my opinion but:

1.I don't see any reason for the cost cutting to stop,

2. The amount of low hanging fruit on the Flight Ops tree is reducing and the whole Aspirational Bid/PRIAM process in it's current form is still hanging there..


3.BALPA is very fond of hinting the next big issue is the line in the sand...

With all that in mind I certainly think in the near future it is almost inevitable that the company are going to try to reduce aspirational options and conversion frequencies - the Aspirational Bidding agreement will come under the sort of pressure that Bidline suffered...

Worse still if ( big "if" I know ) the current rumour turn out to be true and training gets outsourced to an external company then there really will be pressure to minimise conversions.

As it stands at the moment I don't think people will inevitably get stuck on the fleet they join on but I can see the company really pushing hard in the near future to reduce/restrict seat and fleet changes across a career.

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