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Watching the morning show just now, QF are saying up to 5,000 applicants have registered or expressed an interest in the last 24 hours to training at the proposed Qantas Flying school next year (2019),
apparently the company needs 500 a year for their own requirements, whether this figure is correct or not, not sure.

My gut feeling is, who ever gets into this course and completes the required frozen ATPL (CPL/ME IR-ATPL subjects) programme, those persons shall be employed within the QF group, when ever it happens.
It's virtually guaranteed. It's very hard for anyone to convince me this won't be the case.

It appears on face value that most of QF's pilots in the future, shall come from this pool.
Other airlines such as SQ, LH, have their own cadet programmes or aviation schools, this doesn't surprise me.

The big question is, if someone wants to start pilot training these days, or in the near future and doesn't do their training at the new QF flying school,
does it mean a person could be disadvantaged in trying to get a flight crew position within the company?
As all the people training at the QF flying school could be at an advantage. Agree?

Looking at the big picture, if a person wants to train as a pilot (no experience or license) and they don't get into the REX scheme or train at the new QF school,
is it really worth it, for a person to get into a massive HECS debt (85k CPL plus ME IR and the rest) and do the hard grind in General Aviation?
Not sure, because if a person isn't flying for a regional or the main two groups, they're missing out on the money.