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Originally Posted by Lionel Lion View Post
Strange how the website has the same vacancies over and over...no recruitment problems I'm sure
Its not just that they are short sighted on the recruitment process and how they treat the staff they recruit but a breathtaking lack of understanding of the civilian world and whats going on out there. There is no magic pot of qualified Instructors queuing up at work for Ascent because the people with those skills are already in high demand across the industry. Take multi engine IR Instructors, there is a Europe wide shortage of them. Every school I know is unable to recruit because the normal feed of suitably quailified guys is not happening as the airlines swallow them up. The pool of people they expected to recruit from out of the Airforce are not taking up the offers being made as the T&Cs suck and they have a lot to learn about looking after staff.

Instructors are simple folk, they expect to be trained where required for the job and do the job that was advertised not have a snippets of the contract thrown at them that says "and any other task the company may ask of you" or have deal with attempts to have the contracts amended post signing and many months into them in order to benefit the company..........

They are going to struggle to fill the vacancies as the pool is small and incestuous and everybody talks......
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