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A man called his boss and told him he had a migraine and a terrible cold
as well and he would have to miss a day of work.
The boss, who was very interested in meeting his quarterly performance figures, pushed him to come in despite his condition. "Here's what I always do ", he said to his
employee. " I head home and have my wife run me a bath and make it as
hot as I can stand it, I get in and she will gently wash me with a
sponge as I sip green tea. Once she finishes, then I take her into the bedroom and we make love. After that, I feel like a million bucks!"
Keeping an open mind and willing to experiment, the employee replied, "Okay, I'll give it a try"!
A few hours later, after lunch the employee arrives back at work. The boss went over to his desk and said, "See, I told you, it really works!"
The employee replied, "You were right boss. I can hardly believe it! Oh by the way, you have a beautiful house!
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