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Originally Posted by The Ayatollah View Post
Tayra I heard the same thing from my EC last year that order of assessment day date was how they were planning to do it.

I'm applying as a DEO pilot and got an ASP offer for early March, so it's apparently not only ACO/JBAC they're trying to move through - although I agree the OSBs likely play into it.

For background, I completed my assessment day over two days (due to weather) in late March and early April, and my ASP offer came from a generic DFR contact in Canberra. I haven't actually had any contact with Brisbane DFR in a month or so now.

If you completed your assessment day last April and haven't been offered an ASP slot I'd definitely chase it up with your EC.
Can I reconfirm what an EC is? Is it enlistment coordinator, or the person whom you're appointed to after you finish your assessment day? Also I apologise for my attitude previously, I was told that if I didn't receive an invitation by Jan 2018 that it was all over so I was a little frustrated and upset but reading the struggle some of you guys have gone through, after years of no responses and getting calls makes me hopeful. I completed my assessment day around April, guess I'll have to rebook.
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