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It was the Colonialists who came along and built bridges....
I would beg to differ, the Zulu Kingdom's "foraging parties" travelled far and wide across a very large area of South Africa. Attacking, massacring, and stealing the children, wives and cattle, of many other tribes, for thousands of years before, during, and after, colonial rule ended. Further, it continued throughout apartheid, and is still active today.

Other tribes of the Ciskei and Transkei area conspired to place the Pondo people as the "meat" in the sandwich between them and the Zulu Impi's to act as a buffer, hoping that the Pondo's would get slaughtered first and their goods carried off before the Zulu's got to them. (In the tribal hierarchy, the Pondo's are considered to be almost at the bottom of the pile, while the Zulu's are top dog)

Just as a matter of interest, natives from many different tribes come to work in the mines and factories however it is unthinkable to place members of different tribes together if you do not understand their very specific, tribal allegiances. You must also observe carefully to see if the dynamics are changing. If not, multiple murders, strikes, violence and sabotage will be the result.

The colonialists could build as many bridges as they wished, and try to police borders, it makes very little difference. The dynamics of tribal warfare have never gone away, nor will they in the next 500 years.

It is useful to see comments made by people who have experienced the true difficulties associated with bringing a population from raw tribalism to a fully integrated nation state.