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Somewhere they'll hopefully be happy.

The place is not what it once was. I guess it COULD be but that would require a major philosophy shift that's IMHO very unlikely to happen.

The present strategy IMHO is to look for indigenous home grown apprentice and other nation 'refugee' pilots who are willing to work cheap and without sustainable housing/pay and who don't have options elsewhere. Stringing them along at the 'just below quitting' level and/or with promises that will never happen. Not unlike some types of regionals; although regionals are having issues with manning in many parts of the world. The unique thing about HKG is its very high cost of living and I believe the company is trying to base there (where they can wield an 'impose at will' type of contract without recourse or negotiation that's required in other parts of the world) without paying what would result in a decent standard of living. Rather than explore win-wins of basing in cheaper locations (but which have the added baggage of real laws and required negotiations).

IF one is looking at many years ahead of them in the airline biz, IMHO there are much better opportunities elsewhere due chiseling conditions, division, and a generally confrontational style of management with no indication of abating (and NO want to embrace teamwork and win-win solutions). If one is looking to make things OK for a few years and ride things out before retiring or going to a 'fun' job that's more of a hobby in retirement (or use it as a training ground for other opportunities) this place is probably OK.

The major issue is everything in the airline industry is seniority based and you 'lose' time if you stay somewhere that isn't panning out--for whatever reason.

Best of luck to 'ya and do speak personally with some folks in the rank and file who work here to get their take.
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