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Originally Posted by chopper2004 View Post
Hmmm I do not understand the urgent need there to add three letters to one's title in a jiffy ? It is not like the US system where theres a prerequisite (apart from good stick and cyclic / hours in the air )to have Associate and Bachelors degree in tens of dozens of aerospace related degrees nowadays to get to the interview.

The article stated where the pilots were based in Curacao hence flying AW139 for the Coast Guard ; so figured they were informed their CVs pulled up (I had to do that for every employee as part of my internal audit in old helicopter company I worked for, i.a.w EASA changes) and they were non Brits / trained in USA etc etc which had to have a degree??

If for some reason management says "ok peeps, under x,y,z may need a degree, lests send you both or do a distance learning course with one of the many aviation colleges stateside and earm it within 5-6 years"

They where Brits and they hold EASA licences. Pilots and engineers!
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