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The last line to me is the most important in the above post ď Qantas needs a new fleetĒ. Not Qantas domestic not Qantas international but the whole of Qantas needs a new fleet down to the 737s domestically plus a new wide body for domestic. They rave on about new services to Bali, FFS a 737 from Melb , Syd, what a joke. The airline is so short of airframes its a joke, thatís without getting into fuel efficiency. Personally I think oil will go higher further hurting the airline further. Itís like a rolling snowball , it gets (the problem) larger and larger as they delay the inevitable decisions that need to be made. All this is without the prospect of 3 747s going early next year, however I think the Einsteinís have that covered with increasing utilisation on the remaining 7 been increased to 19 hours a day, and if thatís the case they are smoking some strong s##t. 😂😂😂
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