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Originally Posted by Aeroshizzle View Post
Apologies for being off topic, report the comment to the mods if it needs to be removed.

Anyway,if anyone knows an accountant familiar with both UK and Luxembourg tax law (loopholes), can you please pm me. Thanks.
High Aeroshizzle. I lived in Uk and worked in Lux for CV few years ago. Short end is, donít try and loophole it if youíre living in the UK and working there. If thereís one place youíd be mad to try and loop hole it is properly living in UK and working in Lux unless you like being harassed. HMRC are aware you earn in Lux as you will have to declare it. What really stokes their fire is you have to hold a Luxembourg bank account to work for cv.

Unless itís changed, we have one of the worst bilateral tax agreements. Unlike countries like Germany you still pay any tax due back in the UK, minus the tax you paid in Lux. So nett result is you pay the same amount as if youíd earned it in the UK.

Solution that keeps you away from HMRC is do it safely and live in Europe or have an apartment there that is your full time home, somewhere like Trier nearby. I think in Germany if youíve paid tax in Lux, they donít hit you for German taxes, unlike our robbing lot (letís ignore the Cayman Islands and pick on the little guys)
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