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Same goes for Rotary clubs? What are they and what is the point?

And don't think for a minute that if you were a member of Rotary and turned up for an interview, where members of the panel were also Rotary, it wouldn't enhance you chances over non-Rotary members, you can substitute just about any club or organisation's name for 'Rotary', it is human nature to support a fellow member of an organisation. Not a Mason but my late FinL was and a straighter person you would not ever meet. Because they are a society that has secrets they are most often blamed for what is frequently individual failure, it is just too easy, just say, "Funny handshake" and be immediately absolved of all blame when something like a promotion or job application didn't come off. Always make sure you have someone else to blame! Don't think I have ever read so much rubbish in one thread of PPRuNe since I joined twenty years ago.
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