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Originally Posted by Emma Royds View Post
A crime involving a minor which is linked to an individual with the same name and DOB as our colleague, was recorded in San Joaquin CA with charges filed in August 2008 (as previously mentioned) and the same individual being placed on the California Sex Offenders Register with their ID number ending in 3770. That is as much as I am willing to post on here.
He may have had the charges dropped for any number of reasons like mistaken identity or insufficient evidence. Or, he may have done a plea deal to avoid a felony conviction but still ended up on the sex offender list like this guy:

Pee-wee Actor Settles Kiddie Porn Case |

And, as with most of us, there are several people with similar names in California. However, not many will have the same date of birth.

I can't blame Emirates, sometimes this stuff shows up on a quick records check, sometimes it doesn't.

A colleague of mine years ago told me that she had a termination hearing while she was on probation (first year, you don't have full union protection) at a U.S. airline. The company claimed that she lied on her application and had an arrest in Las Vegas for prostitution that she did not disclose. You know where this one's going.

It turned out that the descriptors in the arrest record and the mug shot did not match at all and the company apologetically put her back on the line. In the modern era she may have received a substantial settlement for the false defamatory accusation.

As someone observed here, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation for the company and everyone else if we take action on rumors, suspicions and partial information.

Originally Posted by misd-agin View Post
You donít lose your passport as a registered sex offender. You might be surprised if you went through every name of your seniority list.
Sadly, every large airline has a few of these folks. An American Airlines pilot was sentenced to life in the big house last month for child sex offenses.
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