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And Rotary club members don’t have silly, secret codes and don’t have a problem being publicly known as members and as far as I know, have never used their membership to avoid justice.

True story from 30 years ago. Ex wife’s family were from South Wales. Many of the (male) locals in her town were members. Her uncle, who ran a rural hotel, was a chief wizard or whatever they are called. Late one night whilst we were staying in the place, a car came hurtling around a country lane, misjudged the corner, flipped and came to a halt in a shower of sparks on its roof. We all rushed out to the drivers aid but luckily, he was fine - except, once he had been helped out of the car, it was clear he was so p****d, he could hardly walk, let alone drive a car. A decision was made, to my complete puzzlement, that there was no need to call the emergency services, that the driver was fine and least said about it, the better.

Turns out that this scrote was a leading light in the local Masonic community and that the publicity wouldn’t be good for his business. Sorry, but I’m not for aiding and abetting, even a member of my family, someone that was so [email protected] that they could endanger other road users. Only by the grace of god was no one coming the other way.

That’s why I have no time for the Masons.
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