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Originally Posted by Prophead View Post
KnC, you make an interesting point.

Since I lump all these clubs & religions basically in the same pile, I would have no problem in treating any of them the same. If I see a bishop in his robes, a rabbi or a muslim cleric dressed up I feel exactly the same as when I see a freemason, scientologist or morris dancer. To me they are merely adults in clubs dressing up.

I would suggest all these groups have higher level members that feel they are important and are felt to be important by the other members. There does seem to be some that are held in higher esteem than others however even by non-members.

Would I get away with ridiculing all of them publicly? I doubt it.

So what makes some sacred and others fair game?
There's a significant difference between those who display the sartorial aspect of their respective faiths in public and those who dress to conform within a secretive and insular organisation.

Trust me however when I say the one in particular is more than fair game.....and I'm always happy to indulge myself and oblige.

And you can knock morris dancers of the list. My mates one and it's basically dancing followed by, if not sometimes preceded by......an extended visit to a pub .
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