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Originally Posted by Prophead View Post
You keep comparing the armed forces to the Masons but the armed forces is a job. You get paid for it.

I am genuinely interested in what makes people want to go through any of the dressing up etc? Giving to Charity is a good thing but why the need for the secrecy and funny handshakes?

Same goes for Rotary clubs? What are they and what is the point?
In one sense, there is a strong correlation between the military and the masons. The former have long had cadres that are mendacious controlling and duplicitous along with supporting each other when required.

For civilians, the attraction ( in addition to the above traits ) seems to be about social standing and "status". Certainly the ones I am currently aware of are very much controlling, or they try to be, and promote a public fašade which is always courteous to cover this up.

The beauty of the one I mentioned is, that, he's so obsessed with himself and his "importance " ( along with being basically thick ) he presents endless opportunities to take the proverbial out of being incapable of understanding people are doing so.

Our encounters can be quite entertaining really.....for me..... and others within earshot given he's universally detested.

I can think of one MRO however, who, in effect were presented with an almost wide open opportunity to make a lot of money. Lets just say the "management " were more concerned with social standing and entertaining than maintaining aircraft and guess what happened to the MRO as a result.
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