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Originally Posted by Tankertrashnav View Post
Most of the critical remarks made on here have either been unsupported assertions or anecdotal evidence - absolutely nothing concrete.
I can assure you that I had evidence that the actions of my old head of lab were directly related to him being a Mason and trying to honour a promise he'd made to a fellow Mason. When I finally confronted him with what I had been told he admitted it, giving me a lecture about loyalty that was clear confirmation that he felt greater loyalty to his brother Masons than he did to his employer. He saw nothing at all wrong in what he'd done at all.

I'm not saying that Freemasonry itself is the cause of his behaviour, but it does provide an environment where behaviour like this can flourish. I'm sure other clubs may well occasionally have members who use them for their mutual advantage, too, but Freemasonry is both more widespread, and has vows that inherently bind it's members together, in a way that few other organisations do.

I've no idea what efforts the organisation as a whole takes to tackle cronyism and the like, as that also seems secret. There is a general view that the organisation turns a blind eye to the way SOME masons behave, though, and that may well be interpreted by some as it being condoned.

Personally, the actions of one Mason set my career back for a couple of years, something that was officially noted by the chairman of the promotion board I eventually appeared before. He wrote a letter to my head of lab asking why I'd not been put forward to the board earlier. All that did was get me in more hot water as when the bloke received the letter he came and had a rant at me for making him appear incompetent............
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