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[quote=Airbubba;10052280]I remember how one of the EK cheerleaders here tried to tell you and others what a mistake you were all making by going to Delta.

I can now see why he's a little defensive on what he perceives to be his forum. [/quote


Airbubba buddy! Lol - you went back through six years of my posts to dig that up - fantastic, I must have really hit a nerve 😀

That was posted in May 2012 after we had received a 12 week profit share and an 8% bump (3% step and 5% increase) - the world was different then.

If you spent as much time researching whether this guy has a rap sheet as you did trolling my history (chuffed btw) -well enough said -

No point in me making you look silly - your doing all the work for me 👍

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