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Originally Posted by Neptune Spear View Post
The vast number of Emirates pilots that have gone for an interview at Delta have failed.

So I would never speak for an entire group but I would say some to a lot of pilots are indeed stuck at their current position. Poor Bastards. It is sooo much better on the outside.
I remember how one of the EK cheerleaders here tried to tell you and others what a mistake you were all making by going to Delta.

Originally Posted by fliion View Post
With such a strong post ...we are all looking fwd to wishing you well @ your new gig at Delta...and good luck on the 777 upgrade in 2035...

The only way I am drinking your "kool- aid" and paying homage to the DAL pilots testiculos...

Is when they get the following..

...777 upgrade at 4 yr seniority

... 1st $100k tax free

...silver Chauffeur sedan to and from Atlanta airport from my house

... $50,000 per year to pay my mortgage

...a smile from the FG 1 more than once a decade per diem, envelope local currency on check in at hotel.

... Virtually free healthcare
I can now see why he's a little defensive on what he perceives to be his forum.
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