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Kenley fence

Hi Arc As stated Kenley can be challenging for c-breaks and indeed has a peculiar shape (leg of mutton) that adds to its 'charm'. Someone has to decide if it is an airfield or not, and then start from that point. A fence adds nothing to the historical element and indeed merely destroys another part of the 'structure' that is supposed to be protected. Anyone with a grain of aviation knowledge knows that 'space' is one of the greatest benefits in an emergency and in gliding where every approach and landing has to be a 'full stop' any hazards on the operational area are UNSAFE.
It is nonsense to try to make the flying fit in with people, and especially when you are running a TRAINING ORGANISATION.
I have no confidence that 2FTS has any real handle on all this as it seems the die is cast.
If people visit a 'common' then you expect to walk on a natural surface not tarmac so why the big deal to let anyone near the peri-trac.
I know the area very well and there are plenty of options that give good access to the 'remains' of the listed blast-bays without having to use the peri-track.
Of course not having much activity for 4 years does not help the case, and therefore we are starting from a low point. However there may be a glimmer of hope if the 'fence' needs planning permission as it is not replacing an existing structure and is altering the use of the area. Trying to appease everyone usually pleases nobody so why not make a stand and get the correct solution. If it came to an enquiry the location would be classed as an airfield not a common so that would be a valuable negotiation point to get a better solution.
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