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Kenley 'The Future'

I suspect the only solution that will satisfy all the players will be a fence on the 'outside' of the peri-track. As a historic site and one that should be both used, and available for public viewing a heritage lottery grant should pay for it.
We are not talking about a 'security' fence designed to be impregnable as that would not satisfy the 'safety of flying' issue; but as alluded before a structure that clearly defines the limit of public access with suitable notices as to why.
It may be that some sort of overseeing will be required when operations start again, but as flying days get more numerous the situation will settle down and walkers could even be encouraged to visit the 'control' side which would be good for PR and recruitment. As mentioned before this could be a watershed for both Kenley and the ATC use, and if properly handled should be a benefit to all, especially as the ' youth experience' part can only be seen as an ongoing benefit to society. My only concern is the current level of expertise at 2FTS may be below that required to conduct negotiations of such a sensitive nature. and that a 'current' Air Rank with a flying background be designated to oversee the situation. Kenley deserves the best possible solution available and the Air Cadets (and indeed other youth bodies) would benefit greatly from its future use.
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